Job Announcements

*District Coordinator

Office of the Governor

GS- 11/$17,069 - $42,219 p.a.

Closing Date: June 30, 2022

*Environmental Specialist II

AS Environmental Protection Agency

GS-13/$18,340 - $48,760 p.a.

Closing Date: June 22, 2022

*Mechanic II

Public Works/M&O (Motor Pool)

WG 11/ $17,067 - $30,873 p.a

Closing Date: June 17, 2022

Employment Application

Cover Sheet- Must accompany the job application. Listed are all the supporting documents you will need to submit.

*Failing to submit supporting documents will render your application incomplete and therefore unacceptable.

Job Application- Please follow all instructions as noted. Make sure to be clear and concise.

*Print BOTH Cover Sheet and Job Application. Staple together and make sure to sign and date your job application.

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Forms


FMLA FORM- This form is for the employee who is seeking leave for their own health condition.

FMLA FORM- This form is for an employee who will be the designated caregiver for a family member.

Department of Human Resources SOP

ASG Employee Performance Evaluation Report (EPER)