Director's Office

The Director's Office is responsible for the department and the organization in terms of authorizing actions; operations and procedures; having strategic vision, mission, and goals; and providing support to achieve those goals.

The Director oversees the department's various functions and focus on improving effectiveness and efficiency of services provided by each division and unit. It is the utmost objective of the director's office and the Department of Human Resources as a whole to sustain and uphold the good reputation of American Samoa Government. By justifying the ASG reputation, they must apply and follow the merit system principles; cod of conduct; and employment values stated herein, while implementing operations and responsibilities.

Administrative Office

The specific duties and responsibilities of the Administrator position are assigned by the Director of the Department and Deputy Director in accordance with the weight of tasks required and needed. Under appropriate authority and approval, administrator provides office support to with individuals or teams; and is vital for the smooth running of operations and procedures. She/he is also responsible to lead or assist with office projects and tasks; provide adequate support for the staff; and contribute effectively to the success of the department.

Finance Division

The integral role of the Finance Division is to ensure payroll; finance; supplies; budgetary; and activities of the department are carried out daily. Finance division is also in charge of administering policies that guide personnel attendance, leave, entitlements, personnel and human resources in general (positions, compensations, etc.) This unit works closely with the Budget and Treasury to secure and cover employees' salaries/compensation to avoid complaints and hiccups in process. Reports and records are also an important area the unit covers to ensure accountability for auditing purposes.

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