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Personnel Division : About


               Personnel Division is the most important division in the Department of Human Resources - to the territory, for the territory, and all branches of the American Samoa territory. Our work in DHR brings together news, views, essential information, procedures, protocols, and policies all written by passionate and knowledgeable analysts. Please do not hesitate to contact our personnel division and speak with HR professionals if you have any questions or concerns. 
               DHR Personnel division consists of highly trained professionals who willingly invest time in training and promising results as well as excellent customer service. To ensure that we are providing quality services daily, Personnel Division now welcomes public input using our surveys placed at every entrance of our division.                 Please feel free to also contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns. 

S E C T I O N S 


is the analysis and grouping of positions into classes based on their current duties and responsibilities, required knowledge, abilities, and skills; and other pertinent work facts; so that the same titles and statements or definitions of essential characteristics may reasonably be applied to the positions comprising such classes.dit Text, it's easy.


receive documentation requiring data input from Human Resources' Director's Office regarding Change of Accounts. Classification Section: promotion, pay adjustment, reclassification, new hire, detail assignment, pay above minimum, Form 35 & Form 48. Records management: personal data change, change in leave category (sick/annual), resignation/retirement/deceased-exit clearance, and 303 Listing requesting from various departments for turn-around. Contract division: two-year contract, short term contract, change order, and renewal two-year contract.


is a necessity for all organizations. It initiates the process of selection by providing the organization with the candidates having the required set of skills, qualification, and experience; and are willing to occupy the vacant position. The process of recruiting organizes towards searching for new talent and introducing them to the organization. Recruitment provides you with a holistic recruiting process that is custom tailored to your individual and organizational needs and requirements. Recruitment will take the time to listen and understand the challenges we face in our government. Therefore, we can develop custom strategies that will match the opportunities with the best talent for your requirements in the different entities and industries.


is responsible for evaluating all contracts by pre- paring, examining, analyzing, and revising contents to align contract with government requirement process. Contract Division staff is responsible for the following: prepares and revises all contracts, local and off-island; reviews proposal request and administration of contracts; conducts contract presentations summarizing contractual requirements and terms; monitors, tracks, and documents all related correspondences and discussions pertaining to a contract with all authorizations and approvals; prepare and disseminate information to appropriate employee regarding contract status is part of the process handled by the Contract Division. Any changes or amendments to an existing contract is reviewed by Contract Manager and have contract staff prepare any approved changes. Each contract must have its own file including the original signed contract, any deviations by means of an amendment or change order; file is maintained by DHR.


is responsible in maintaining and disposition or records. All Official Personnel File (OPF) are to be kept neat and organized which include containing only required documents. Records Division will maintain each employee OPF which are directly related to the employment relationship will be contained in the personnel file.

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